How Much Bill Perkins Has Lost Playing Online Poker!

Billionaire Bill Perkins is one of the most-liked and fun-loving fans of the poker game, but as his online results show, it has been a tough learning curve over the years for the hedge fund trader turned high stakes poker player.

By: Andrew Burnett

‘GASTRADER’ as he is known in the online poker community doesn’t do things by half – massive buy-in tournaments, high stakes cash games, huge prop bets and a lifestyle the envy of many, but nevertheless he is down almost $100 for every hand, all 8888 of them, that he has played online.

His play has basically been split into two separate ‘years’ of play, starting out just a few months before Black Friday hit and losing $227k

…then coming back to the game late in 2016 for another go at the nosebleeds, which went even worse – another $633k down in less than a year

Naturally this is a small sample size, and he was up against the likes of ‘Trueteller’, 'LlinusLlove’, ‘probirs’ and many other No Limit Hold’em specialists, so it would be very unfair to call Bill a bad player – but even at $200/400 limits the money is mere pocket change to a man of his wealth, and he takes –EV lines way too often to be a winning player at the highest levels, despite the occasional big success

In the world of bricks and mortar poker he has cashed in tournaments for over $2.5million – the majority of that coming from his 3rd spot in the 2013 WSOP One Drop High Roller, his $111,111 buy-in resulting in a phenomenal $1,965,163 payday.

High-stakes cash games in the live sphere have also seen Perkins fight against the best, appearing on High Stakes Poker and Poker Night in America among others, again with limited success...

Overall? A great part of the poker community but Bill is never likely to claw back his overall losses – and is unlikely to ever care about it.


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