Alot of action so far today

About 03.00 a new player (Brandon234) joined the Prima Network, we have not seen this nickname before. He was playing against Kris85 and hit alot of nice hands and won $247k in a 94 minuts long session. Other players on Prima which have been doing very good today is Dadovic(+$119k) and geoff_(+$118)

Brandon234 wins a $120k pot when he hits the flush
Very sick hand between Dadovic and _myst_, $93k pot

When the action on Prima stopped the railbirds instead moved over to Full Tilt Poker where a sick battle between Grimstarr and Semetery was going on. The winner of this session was Grimstarr, he won $230k in this sessions and so far today he is up $344k on four sessions:

Middlepair + flushdraw vs set, $87k pot
Topset vs top pair with good kicker, $82k pot

It has also been some nice sessions on the Omaha tables. Semetary is up about $120k so this cover a little bit of his loss on Texas NL, another player which have been doing very nice is StandingWave(+$130k)

Semetary recover some of his loss since earlier, $100k pot

Hopefully we will get more action like this tonight! ;)



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