$1Million Dollar Win for Roberly Felicio in Colossus

The Colossus, as its name implies is a pretty big tournament. This year it attracted 13,070 players which at $565 a piece less the vig came to $6,535,000 in the prize pool.

By: Jon Pill

Entries were down on last year’s 18k+, which had some pros speculating on why the decrease.



The final table was live streamed, with a rail of pros in the background there to support Roberly Felicio.

With him at the table were Sang Liu, Joel Wurtzel, Scott Margereson, Timothy Miles, Song Choe, Gunther Dumsky, John Racener and Steven Jones.



$6.5 million sounds like a lot. But when you put $1,000,000 of it up top it creates a slightly odd format in which 9th place gets 5.7% of 1st and the rest of the 539 cash prize winners walk away with rather token amounts.

But who cares about them, the real stakes at the WSOP, as always, are the bracelets. Second place is just the first of the losers.



Which is why when Sang Liu got his money in good with J-T versus Felicio’s J-8 he felt like he was on top of the world, and when the x-x-J-x-8 board ran ou leaving him with about 5 big blinds he looked like he was about to cry.

From there it was an easy ride for Felicio who took home the cool million and the bracelet.



Final Table Results

1 Roberly Felicio $1,000,000
2 Sang Liu $500,000
3 Joel Wurtzel $300,000
4 Scott Margereson $220,040
5 Timothy Miles $166,091
6 Song Choe $126,158
7 Gunther Dumsky $96,431
8 John Racener $74,178
9 Steven Jones $57,425



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