Poker Staking Gone Bad: The Case of Nick Palma and Tim Reilly

Accusations of failing to pay debts related to poker staking deals were levied against Nick Palma by Tim Reilly, with an ex-girlfriend of Palmas also chiming in with allegations of sexual abuse and robbery by her former beau.

By: Charles Rettmuller

The story doesn't end there, as YouStake also got involved, 86ing Palma from seeking backers on their website.

Wait, there's more. The current girlfriend of Palma defended him against the allegations raised by the ex, apparently pleased as punch to be hooked up with Palma.

This all played out on Twitter, the social media platform that allows debates and discrepancies to be aired in public for all the world to see. That is, of course, unless you happen to be blocked from sending tweets to the object of your wrath, which is apparently what Palma eventually did to Reilly for publicly shaming him.



And to think, Reilly was just trying to help a poker pro who needed some assistance. Here's the tweet where Reilly lets everyone know that Palma isn't paying his debts:



Here's where the ex has her say, with incidents dating back to 2012. That's a half-decade before the #MeToo movement, resulting in the allegations apparently being ignored.



Some more observations on Palma by the ex - without mincing words:



Palma's current flame took offense and deleted her account.

Poker pros other than Reilly were apparently victimized by Palma as well:





And finally, YouStake's decision on the matter:



Tim Reilly's live tournament winnings stand at $1,715,775 after his most recent cash in Event #3, the $3K Shootout, where he finished 30th for $6,302. Nick Palma is in the same ballpark, the Hendon Mob listing his live earnings at $1,315,194.


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