Gus Hansen, Brian Rast, Phil Galfond and Aussie Matt In Nosebleed Big Bet Cash Game

With all the action going on at the Rio this month, there are plenty of high-rollers roaming Vegas at the moment. As a result, in Bobbys Room – just down the strop at the Bellagio – there has been a revolving door roster of huge name pros.

By: Jon Pill

But while Negreanu and Doyle come and go with the tournament tide, one man seems to be wearing a groove in his seat: Gus Hansen.

He was heading out to the Bellagio on Friday morning to get some high-stakes Chinese poker action going with Jason Mercier and Aussie Matt, skipping out on his shave on the way.



Highstakes Chinese with Jason Mercier and Aussie Matt!

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A few days later he’s back for more. The $2k-$4k mixed games must not have been getting the players blood going so they switched the game up to a Big Bet Mix.

Resulting in a short handed nosebleed game with just Gus Hansen, Phil Galfond, Aussie Matt and Brian Rast at the table.



Phil Galfond is in the house!

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We need some hole cams in that game.

With four of the sharpest sharks in the game swimming together playing nothing but pot-limit and no-limit games someone was gonna get hurt. But of course that someone is not our Instagram host who checked in after pulling an all nighter in the shark tank and announced that he’d had a ‘comeback’.



Nice comeback for Mr.Hansen!

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We can only speculate on how many extra zeroes a ‘comeback’ that means on Gus’s weekly paycheck.


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