Lex Veldhuis Suffers Brutal Downswing

Fans of Twitch poker streamer Lex Veldhuis will have to make do with less of Lex for a few days as he takes a brief respite from his streaming schedule to work on a few areas of his game.

By: Charles Rettmuller

A recent downswing has Veldhuis committed to making some improvements by way of intense studying, as well as re-energizing himself both mentally and physically. He let his social media followers know of his plans with the following tweet:



As can be expected, fans of the top streamer and PokerStars Team Pro supported his decision 100%, with many heaping praise on Lex for being responsible for the improvements in their own respective games:





Veldhuis made sure to point out that some aspects of his game are perfectly fine and that trouble can come from attempting to make some tweaks that would be better off left untouched:



Veldhuis' subscribers let him know that they will patiently await his return:






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