Bill Perkins Spotted Playing HighStakes

When the cat is away, the mice will play – some of HighStakes.coms finest out in Vegas for a feast of live cash and tournament action -  but is the mouse in this weeks big online game really the one and only Bill Gastrader Perkins?

By: Andrew Burnett



The $100/200 NLHE cash game on has taken off recently, last week seeing Finnish online legend Sami ‘LrsLzk’ Kelopuro taking on all-comers, and this week it’s the turn of Perkins – or if not him then a wealthy clone – getting in on the action…



Billiionaire Bill, the hedge-fund guru and philanthropist who loves his poker, prop bets and life in general has been having problems recently on other sites, PokerStars crashing just as he was about to stream from his luxury yacht a week or two ago and ACR banning him for a while for allowing Dan Bilzerian to use his account.

His problems on HighStakes were of a different variety this week, one opponent – ‘ggbluzelle’ – overbetting the pot by a cool $10k on the river, leaving Perkins to ponder whether he was being bluffed or… well, answers on a postcard please!



We at HSDB will be monitoring these games and reaching out to Bill to gain some clarification.


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