Bonomo’s $1Million One Drop Actions Sells Out!

He may have won the best part of $15million this year so far, but even Justin Bonomo is selling a chunk of his action for this years WSOP $1,111,111 million buy-in Big One for One Drop – and his 5% mark-up is going to charity…

By: Andrew Burnett



…although whether Justin simply forgot, or just expects anyone interested in grabbing a piece of him to know his astonishing record this year, he didn’t provide any links for prospective buyers



Even Bonomo, the winningest player of the year, needs to sell a large piece of himself for the biggest buy-in event of the calendar – well aware of the vicissitudes of tournament play, his 15-straight heads-up wins this year no guarantee of success.

The 48-player cap on the field looks set to be met, the rake-free event in such case producing a prize-fund of $44,160,000 – with 8% going to the One Drop Foundation set up by Cirque du Soleil guru Guy Laliberte to provide access to safe water worldwide.

Bonomo has offered those who buy big bits of his action the choice of charity for his mark-up percentage, with Liv Boeree’s REG charity and Dan Smith’s drive the models





Mark-up is a normal way to cover extra costs and reflect +EV players in the poker world, but earlier this month Phil Hellmuth created a huge stir with his offer of 1.8 for 30% of his action in the WSOP $10k Super Turbo Bounty event



If anyone could get away with such a markup based on their poker resume, this year at least, it would be Bonomo, but his 1.05 is an excellent price for such an opportunity – although Bonomo will be up against the best of the rest the poker world has to offer – with Phil Ivey now confirmed as playing




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