Global Poker Rapido Series Paying Out Big Prizes at a Fast Pace

Poker critics who point to the games sometimes slow pace of play have nothing to complain about at Global Pokers Rapido Series.

By: Charles Rettmuller

The action over the first week has been fast and furious, punctuated by turbo and hyper-turbo tournaments. Rapido has already been categorized as a smashing success, and there's still one more week of heart-pumping action left!

A wide variety of tournament types and non-stop play made quicker by some 4-max and 6-max tables has resulted in all events played thus far to be completed in only about two hours. That leaves players with plenty of time to do other things, including playing more poker and aiming for more Sweeps Cash!

Speaking of Sweeps Cash, the guarantees of Rapido tournaments have been surpassed in a big way, the poker site's popularity growing with every new tournament series hosted. The Grizzly Games, Eagle Cup, and Rattlesnake Open paved the way for Global Poker to mix things up a bit with their latest online poker festival - Rapido - that offers nothing but turbo events.

Along with hyper action, Rapido features some completely different tournaments such as Big Ante, where each hand requires the posting of a massive ante. Another variant was Ante Up, where the blinds remain the same amount but the antes increase with every level.

Still to come this week are a 4-max Turbo with SC$4,000 guaranteed on Tuesday, as well as a Crazy Pineapple event with SC$1,500 guaranteed on the docket for next Sunday.

Get on over to Global Poker for another week of Rapido, and do it quickly!


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