Is This The Best Online Cash Game Player In The World?

Comparing Ben Sauce123 Sulsky’s 9th spot in the online highstakes all-time winners list with the title of this article might have you wondering how the two things equate – but to understand just how good Sauce really is we need only look a bit more closely, starting with his all-time graph

By: Andrew Burnett

Pretty damn impressive, of course, but still…it’s not exactly Patrik Antonius’ $17million territory, or even Phil Ivey’s $10million+ is it? Well no, but have a look at a couple of those two legends’ graphs…

Amazing results, but unlike ‘Sauce123’ there are long periods of inactivity – something you’ll see in every other player who tops Sulsky in the overall money charts online, and therein lies part of the claim for Sulsky being the best online cash game player of all time – he’s relentless and able to take the game to new levels of skill, and throws in $million+ years even when the biggest games have apparently, or allegedly, dried up…

That was Sulsky chalking up a massive $3.5million the year after Black Friday struck… getting on with the job of becoming the best player in the world while others around him struggled with the fallout from online poker’s darkest days…

…and here he is this year, 6 months in and still able to show a $429k win while others complain about there being no money to be made in online poker.

Sulsky wasn’t born with a silver poker spoon in his mouth, of course, hard work and a continual striving to improve his play being the hallmarks of his success.

He stated in an interview with ‘FlopTurnRiver’ way back in 2007: “I also learned just how much skill there was in the game and that it could be learned academically and practically and was not primarily born of instinct which gave me desire and hope”.

There’s no doubt he is ONE of the best ever online heads-up PLO and NLHE cash game players, but the GOAT? That’s always debatable and to be objective we have to add in a couple of caveats, number one being…

…although as can be seen he did manage to quickly dig himself out of a serious hole.

His less than stellar Full Tilt showing was mainly a result of his heavily-publicised heads-up NLHE match with Doug ‘WCGRider’ Polk, and also coincided with Sulsky starting to produce video content for Phil ‘OMGClayAiken’ Galfond’s RunItOnce site.

Losing to Polk – some $740k (and a $100k sidebet) over 15k hands – was no disgrace, and let’s be clear: Sulsky is still here and crushing while Polk, and many others, called it a day long ago.


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