Vanessa Selbst Rages at Klein's MAGA Win at WSOP

Loren Kleins third WSOP bracelet in as many years and a $1million+ payday to go with it was sure to elicit huge reaction from fans of the game, but it was his decision to wear a Make America Great Again baseball cap which had Vanessa Selbst fuming, leading to her calling Klein a giant fuckwit during a Twitter war...

By: Andrew Burnett



This was the ‘retired’ Selbst’s umpteenth blow of the day against Klein, the highly-political left-winger Selbst regularly berating the opposition on Twitter – although not usually involving poker or the World Series.



The ‘MAGA’ controversy has been seen in multiple instances since President Trump used the phrase and its abbreviated version throughout and following his victorious 2016 election campaign, Kanye West wearing a version of it causing an outcry several times since Trump came to office.

Klein, however, has embraced the furore over his MAGA cap – retweeting Selbst’s negative tweets, which only served to infuriate her even more…



…and despite calls for ‘restraint’ from friends, fans and colleagues of the former PokerStars pro, she was giving ‘giant fuckwit’ Klein what-for with both barrels, her colourful language not going unnoticed…



…although Klein couldn’t have cared less apparently, having a dig at Selbst individually…



and then telling PokerNews, “All the haters really helped me to bring this one home. It felt amazing …People have been talking shit about the MAGA hat for days and wishing me bad things all day today, it is fantastic.”


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