Vanessa Selbt's Main Event Bustout Bluff Was Just Insane!

Triple-barrel bluffing your way out of the Main Event on day one in Vegas sounds like something a rank amateur might do rather than a seasoned and $multi-million winning pro, but that was Vanessa Selbsts fate last night – her unfortunate decision coming in for a lot of stick today…

By: Andrew Burnett







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The hand made quite a splash on the updates, Selbst’s pre-flop squeeze from the small blind finding Ryan Hohner feeling feisty in the big blind, her check-raise on the Q♥ 7♦ 2♠ flop not deterring her opponent.

When the turn came the 4♣ Selbst moved all in for 46,900, Hohner tanked and then finally called, the ‘semi-retired’ ex-PokerStars pro turning over J♦ 8♥ and drawing dead against Hohner’s A♣ Q♣ of Hohner, the river 6♠ no help to Selbst, out of luck and out of the Main Event, while Hohner would live to tell the tale…



♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

To an amateur it might seem crazy to triple-bluff a $10k buy-in away on day one with a big stack, but Selbst is certainly no amateur, despite recently turning to a career in trading after an $11,851,384 tournament career which made her the leading female player in poker history.

Selbst’s political leanings (reasonably far to the left) and her often grumpy table demeanour haven’t endeared her to the general poker public, but she rarely takes things lying down…





…and had plenty of actual support for her play in the hand, regardless of what the ‘average player’ might think or do in her place…



The Twitter ‘debate’ about her play and much more veered on and off course, still raging as I write, but given Selbst had a bad day at the tables she certainly gets the last word on this one…




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