Haxton, Bonomo and Deeb Slam Hellmuth’s Main Event Behaviour

Phil Hellmuths table rants may be legendary, giving the 14-time WSOP bracelet winner the Poker Brat tag he wears so proudly, but this week has seen a host of big-name stars condemn Hellmuth for his latest outburst, which essentially ended up costing a player his Main Event life

By: Andrew Burnett



Ike Haxton, Justin Bonomo, Shaun Deeb and many others stepped up to criticise not only Hellmuth’s expletive-laden rant against James “Camby” Campbell, but more importantly the fact it was during a hand in which another player was still to act



What Phil said…

“This mother f***ing guy … f***cking got away with murder all day against me. How in the f*** does this happen?”

Choice words from Hellmuth after being check-raised on the flop by a short-stacked Campbell, but there was a third player still to act, Alex Kuzmin - now aware that Hellmuth’s hand wasn’t particularly strong.

What this means…

For those thinking ‘so what?’ Shaun Deeb explained it well in the commentary booth, stating: “This is so wrong by Phil…you cannot talk in a multi-way pot and give away your weakness with an opponent still to act... If I’m sitting with a king-high flush draw I know that Phil is not continuing if I call. That totally affects this action and totally hurts his opponent’s equity.”

Kuzmin did indeed call, and although behind Campbell with a worse flush draw, he caught a pair on the river ending Camby’s Main Event and causing half the pro poker world and a chunk of amateurs as well to go apeshit, rightly, at Hellmuth…







Hellmuth later apologised for his rant, admitting “It was 100% my fault”, but he seems able to do whatever he likes with impunity…and is never able to fully admit he is fully in the wrong as the following tweets show…







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