Praxxern vs _myst - $200/400 HU

We had some very nice action on $200/400 today. The Monte Carlo runner-up _myst_ (Mark Karam) was sitting out with a nice $237k stack since yesterday. But today he played two sessions against the new nickname Praxxern and run into some heavy problems. In the first session Praxxern won ~$86k

Two pair against a flopped flush, $152k pot

And when they started a new session a couple of hours later he won ~$230k

Praxxern makes a nice bluff on a pretty scary rivercard
Very nice flop for Praxxern, $206k pot
Inside straigt + flushdraw for Praxxern, $179k pot

Both of these player have been quite active on the $200/400 tables the latest days and here is the results on the sessions we have been monitoring on $200/400 so far this month:

Praxxern: +$320 075 (6 sessions)
_myst_: -$44 281 (10 sessions)



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