Hellmuth Wins Bracelet #15 and $485,082

While everyones eyes were locked on the Main Event, wondering if Joe Cada would stay in the running to win it again, another astonishing final table crept up on us pretty much unobserved.

By: Jon Pill



Event #71: $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em (30 minute levels) is basically a non-event, a sop put on to keep anyone who busted from the ME kicking about, spending their dollar on massages and gin. Even so the event rounded up a decent field with 452 entries making for a $2,101,800.

Some big names made the money – including Chris Ferguson, Liv Boeree, Steven Wolansky, Matt Glanz and Phil Hellmuth – and the last three made the final table.

Now interest began to rise. A Hellmuth final table is always worth a sweat. Blow-up or bracelet – either way it’s win-win for the audience.



Eric Hicks, Ralph Wong and Paul Hoefer busted. The blow up didn’t come. Matt Glanz, Hellmuth’s toughest competitor bit the dust. Still no blow up. 5th… 4th… 3rd… and he was heads-up against Wolansky (2 bracelets, 43 cashes, and an awful haircut).



In the final dozen hands Hellmuth took a huge lead, leaving Wolansky to shove for his final 3.7 million into Hellmuth’s big blind of 300k with A-9. Phil called with pocket threes.

The flop paired Wolansky’s nine, then setted Hellmuth’s three, and we have a new bracelet record holder, same as the old record holder only now he has 15...and counting.



Here’s a few of those retweets:









Final Table Results:

1 Phil Hellmuth $485,082
2 Steven Wolansky $299,807
3 Alan Sternberg $204,789
4 Aliaksei Boika $142,458
5 Ken Fishman $100,956
6 Matt Glantz $72,911
7 Paul Hoefer $53,682
8 Ralph Wong $40,309
9 Eric Hicks $30,881


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