UPDATE: UpSwing vs JNandez Beef Cliffs

The long-running dispute between Doug Polk and Fernando JNandez87 Habegger has become the biggest and most controversial poker feud of 2018 in just two short days, JNandez today challenging Polk to a $50,000 boxing match -  offering Polk the chance to - stand your ground or remain that little, little bitch behind the camera.

By: Andrew Burnett

The deeply contentious argument began at the turn of the year when Nandez resigned his position with UpSwing Poker, leading to serious accusations of financial wrongdoings, contract breaches and poor business ethics from each side.

To help readers get up to speed on the entire messy affair, here are some of the video exchanges with TL;DR cliffs to help along the way…

The background to this week’s eruption of a 6-month old story can be read here, but this week it was from an entirely different direction that ‘JNandez’ found himself centre of attention once again…and Polk quickly embroiled himself in the affair…



  • Two months ago, three former employees of JNandez’s new poker PLO training company, which he set up almost immediately on resigning from UpSwing Poker, themselves resigned.
  • The main claim was initially that Nandez owed money for knitted scarves and was refusing to pay up
  • Nandez claims that he was scared of being scammed himself if he paid upfront
  • Later, today in fact, it was claimed by the former employees that Nandez had behaved unethically in a number of different ways.

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Because of Polk’s involvement in the ‘scarf controversy’, Nandez decided to take to YouTube to give an hour-long reprisal of every dealing he had ever had with Polk, UpSwing Poker and also Chicago Joey Ingram



  • Nandez, in carefully guarded terminology, claims Upswing Poker likely still owed him in the region of $90,000 for the PLO University and PLO Lab work he produced
  • He was unhappy at the deals he was offered by Polk/Upswing Poker, claiming he had verbally been promised more for the PLO Lab,
  • Nandez says Polk was dismissive of him on many occasions, even ignoring him on their first meeting
  • Finding an escape clause in his contract, Nandez resigns
  • He claims he expected some $90k for finished but unpaid work, but was offered only $1200.

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Polk responded with a detailed 35-minute video rebutting Nandez’s claims,



  • Polk produces bank statements, Paypal accounts, contract screenshots and a host of other artefacts to seemingly tear Nandez’s claims to pieces.
  • Polk also mentions that UpSwing would be looking into legal action against Nandez for breach of business confidentiality in his public claims.
  • Doug also defends Joey Ingram’s affiliate deal, which Nandez had been unhappy about
  • He also had a pre-arranged podcast with Ingram due to go out today in which he promised to speak more about the controversy.

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

At the same time as his own former employees were releasing a 2+2 denunciation of him (linked above), Nandez was releasing ‘a rebuttal to Polk’s rebuttal’…and challenging Polk to a boxing match to settle matters.



  • Nandez claims that Polk’s money numbers were wrong, and deliberately so
  • He denounces the way Polk continually attacks people via his YouTube channel
  • Nandez calls Polk a “bully” and a “little, little bitch hiding behind his camera”
  • He offers Polk out in a $50,000 boxing challenge,
  • Nandez claims that if he wins he’ll use the money “to get as many people as I can into the Colossus event at the WSOP next year.”


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