Betting Big on Poker’s Best Fighters

Poker and boxing are much in the news this week, JNandezs $50k challenge for justice against Doug Polk, but even as fans line up to take sides there have been plenty of poker pro punch-ups in the past, so let us look at the top 3!

By: Andrew Burnett

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1. Gus Hansen vs Theo Jorgensen

Gus Hansen, if his Instagram account is anything to go by, is a lover not a fighter – but he made an exception when challenged by close friend and serial prop-bettor Theo Jorgensen back in 2009.

Hansen had apparently got the better of Jorgensen in most of their high-stakes athletic and gambling encounters, so Theo’s plan to fight for a modest $35k in the boxing ring was a cunning one.

Training for months while Gus did ‘Gus stuff’ paid off, although the fight itself was hardly a Madison Square Garden epic…Jorgensen eventually getting the judges’ nod…

Gus hasn’t been seen in a boxing ring since, but plenty of others have followed him through the ropes to settle differences, or simply to gamble on a knockout victory

2. Lex "RaSZi" Veldhuis vs. Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier

You might not expect much from a kickboxing battle between ‘Starcraft vs Hearthstone’ champions, but Dutchman Veldhuis and French legend Grospellier put on quite the show in Marbella back in 2011…

The only thing missing for fans of the poker/fighting world is a place to stick your money on your favourite – and sportsbetting sites like Bet 365 should seriously consider opening a market and sign up offer for the proposed Polk/Nandez showdown – but here it would prove to be a brave but ultimately painful lesson for ‘ElkY’.

3. Olivier Busquet vs JC Alvarado

The much-anticipated MMA fight between Olivier Busquet and JC Alvarado set the bar even higher than Veldhuis’ roundhouse kicks, the smaller Alvarado accepting Busquet’s open invitation for ‘MMA motivation’ – six months training and a hefty $270,000 making this ‘a proper fight’ in almost every respect – except for the camerawork!

The plucky Mexican’s Brazilian ju-jitsu background was no match for the raw power of the monster version of Busquet – incredibly a former choir-boy and philosophy graduate! -  who entered the cage, and a 3rd round ‘white towel’ ended the fight in Busquet’s favour.

So, just three out of many poker battles which didn’t take place on the green felt. Polk has apparently rejected JNandez’s kind offer of a $50k showdown to settle their differences, but it probably won’t be long before someone else from the poker word looks to their fists as a way of making some money – or getting revenge!


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