Isildur1 Can’t Win Online In 2018!

He may strike terror into the hearts of the highstakes online community on a regular basis, but Viktor Isildur1 Blom just can not get things going this year – a $337,000 downward swing making 2018 a year of relative peace and safety so far for the opposition…

By: Andrew Burnett

The year started brightly enough for the legendary, ultra-aggressive Swede – Blom looking set to put in a January to keep the bank manager happy – but the final week saw him plunge from a $109k winning month to a dismal $194k hole, which he has been struggling unsuccessfully to reverse ever since, despite his best efforts…

Having clawed his way back to respectability in early February, Isiludr1 took the rest of the month off from the virtual tables and came back with renewed vigour in March, some big wins along the way bringing him back to even for the year…

…before again plunging back down, this time in less than a couple of weeks, to a $318k deficit.

Of course, Isildur1 is nothing if not an expert at living with variance, and his ‘bouncebackability’ factor is second to none as seen by his lifetime graph on PokerStars…

…but any big ‘hole’ can become scary for someone who understands the history of and vagaries of the online game as Blom does, his Full Tilt disaster (‘helped’ along of course by the well-documented unscrupulous actions of others) testament to there not always being a ladder to help one climb out of the losing well.


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