Tom Dwan Wants The Stare Downs To End

Tom Dwan doesn’t play NLH much anymore. His current game of choice is the 6-plus (aka short-deck) variant.

By: Jon Pill

In a recent interview with PokerNews he explained that this has far more to do with fun than profit. To him poker is a game, not a sport, and the overstudied world of NLH players bores him.

But the biggest crime he cites as his reason for quitting hold’em is the self-serious way in which every player insists on staring you down. Every. Single. Hand.

Tom Dwan coming out against the stare down might sound like Jeffrey Dahmer coming out against unethically sourced meat, but Dwan does at least admit his culpability in spreading the slack-jawed, pop-eyed, Phil Ivey stare.

It’s alright if there’s a big decision to be made (remember the buy in for HSP was $100k). In fact, the staredown is one of the moments in poker that makes poker what it is. Sitting stock still trying not to give off reads while under the laser beams of an opponent's baby-blues is a rush.

However, since Dwan’s appearance on High Stakes Poker, where he took the long thoughtful stare down to an all new extreme, players have copied the look right down to the slack jaw and limp wristed shove. Plenty of other players have added their thoughts in response to the interview. Mostly in agreement:


While others are quick to assign blame…

… and others are just sucking it up.



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