High Stakes Heads Up: Hansen vs Jungleman In Bobby’s Room

Bobbys Room looks like it has finally had a slow day with Gus Hansen reporting in to his Insta-following that he turned up to find Daniel Cates sat alone at the table hood up and thumbs glued to his iPhone screen.

By: Jon Pill

After quipping last week that he was in the full ring game simply waiting to get heads up with Jungleman, Gus is now in a position to put his money where his mouth is – which might well be Daniel Cates’ stack.


Patiently waiting for Heads-Up with ‘The Jungle’

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“Jungleman” Cates is no slouch when it comes to heads-up high-stakes shenanigans. He rose up the ranks playing what he called “reverse game selection” where he’d seek out the best heads up players at his level and play them till he beat them, before eventually moving up to a level where he could have his roll ganked by Isildur1.


Heads up battle with Jungleman continues!

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As a result Gus and Jungleman have tangled online before as part of that slew of heads-up challenges that were popular before Black Friday broke them up.

Now, looks like Gus has got himself a rematch at last. Assuming Cates can get some chips in front of him.


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