Daniel Negreanu Defends the Evolving Nature of Poker

PokerStars latest release of Unfold Holdem was certain to find some critics, as you can not please everybody and never will.

By: Charles Rettmuller

The new poker variant that allows players to ante up for a side "Unfold pot" and get back into the game after seeing the flop is geared toward the rec crowd. And that has some regs seeing red, complaining that PokerStars continues to roll out games that take away some of the skill required to succeed.

The face of PokerStars, Daniel Negreanu, posted his opinion on the matter, rightly stating that poker evolves over time and that nobody is being forced to play a game that they dislike.

KidPoker's reasoning was challenged by a follower, whose hate for the poker site was apparent in his desire to see PokerStars land in the muck someday.

DNegs informed the hater that good players can and do win at PokerStars.

The back and forth didn't end there, with the same follower continuing to gripe about being squeezed by PokerStars.

Daniel's reply again defended the world's top poker site, with the Poker Hall of Famer providing a lesson on the poker ecosystem.

Another of Negreanu's social media followers chimed in, extending the argument made by the previous PokerStars hater.

But KidPoker was ready with another answer, pointing to the skill level of players nowadays.

And for all the players who dislike new poker variants and feel that the games are not beatable, Daniel has a final word.



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