The End of the Great Summer: Gus Hansen Quits The Big Game

If Punxsutawney Phil fails to see his shadow in February, it signals six more weeks of winter. Likewise, when Gus Hansen cannot be coerced back into Bobbys Room, it signals an early end to the Great Summer. That day has finally come.

By: Jon Pill

After 70 days in which he spent 652 hours with butt in chair under Bobby’s roof (an amount he notes comes to 9 hours and 19 minutes per day) the Great Dane is vacating his seat in the Big Game and heading back to the relative civilisation of Europe.


I am a sick sick man!

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The less charitable commentator may speculate after his post yesterday – in which he spoke of bad results and a rough week – that he might well be high-tailing it after hitting one too many stop losses.

Either way, it is sad to see our unofficial big game photojournalist bug out. Hopefully, he’ll still be Gramming on the flipside, after all, the summers are longer in Scandinavia.


Rough week!

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He signs off: “It’s been a great summer. Later.” And for those of us following his accounts of the high-stakes life, it really has been.


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