Brandon Eisen Wins SHRPO Championship Event For $771,444

Five long years had passed since Brandon Eisen won a live poker tournament.

It was likely worth the wait after Eisen claimed victory in the $5,250 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Championship Event to win $771,444, his largest cash ever.

By: Charles Rettmuller

The Hawaii native began final table action as the chipleader, topping the field of 914 entries on his way toward grabbing the lion's share of prize money that totaled $4,432,900. His fellow final tablists included the likes of pro Joseph Cheong ($102,843) and Ryan D’Angelo ($258,615), who bowed out in 8th and 4th place, respectively.

With those worthy competitors gone, Eisen had yet another one to overcome in eventual runner-up Jeremy Ausmus ($540,459). A 5th place finisher in the 2012 WSOP Main Event for $2,155,313, Ausmus held a chip stack of 13 million when heads-up action began, but across the table he saw 23 million chips in front of Eisen.

The tables were turned when Ausmus flopped a full house and Eisen went along for the ride, hitting a straight on the river that was good for only second-best. But Brandon got his chips back and then some later in the match when his J-7 connected for a straight on the turn, downing the flopped two pair of his opponent.

A roughly 5-1 chip disadvantage at that point spelled doom for Ausmus, who settled for more than half a mil in prize money. The title catapulted Eisen to 1st place on Hawaii's all-time money list with $1,505,605 in cashes, relegating Michael Chow ($1,287,888) to 2nd place.

$5,250 NHLE SHRPO Championship - Final Table Results

1 Brandon Eisen $771,444
2 Jeremy Ausmus $540,459
3 Stoyan Obreshkov $349,889
4 Ryan D’Angelo $258,615
5 Adam Adler $195,491
6 Ido Ashkenazi $156,215
7 Jared Griener $129,308
8 Joseph Cheong $102,843
9 Marcos Exterkotter $77,132



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