Gus Hansen’s Great Summer Isn’t Over Just Yet

Gus Hansens great summer of poker may be at an end, but the legendary party-animal is not quite done with the other side of his remarkable life, taking in a Roger Waters concert and then indulging in a tequila-inspired night of rooftop decadence in Vegas Rio Voodoo Lounge…

By: Andrew Burnett


Roger Waters in Concert - Possibly a man who dislikes Trump more than me!

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Nap with a view... snapshot from a great summer

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As we reported last week, the Great Dane had spent 70 days – amounting to some 652 hours – ensconced in his favourite chair for the Big Game in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio, taking on Doyle Brunson, Patrik Antonius, Dan ‘Junglrman’ Cates, Phil Ivey and almost every high-stakes player of note while the WSOP was in town across the street…


Quote goes here...👇

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…but he also managed to sneak in some light relief from the high-pressure cash game and a Main Event dismissal…


When you get knocked out of the Main Event it’s very important to keep your mind occupied

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This week saw more of the same, weekends and Wednesdays much the same for those determined to have a good time…


Why would anyone drink Tequila shots, Jäger Bombs and White Russians on a wednesday nite?

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You’d think that by now Gus would have a taste for almost anything a bartender could throw at him, but check out the face after this tequila slammer – certainly not Gus’ best-ever poker face!


I don’t understand tequila!

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