Gus Hansen Preparing For Epic Karate Prop Bet?

Maybe there is a martial arts prop bet in the offing we don’t know about, but whatever the reason for Gus Hansens latest IG post it is certainly an eye-catching one – the Danish poker legend looking remarkably like Freddie Mercury in the role of the Karate Kid…

By: Andrew Burnett


Freddie Mercury taking Karate lessons

A post shared by Gus Hansen (@therealgushansen) on

The 80’s throwback-look also features an opponent who could easily pass for a young (or younger) Joey Ingram, the pair replete with CobraKai shirts as they spar, perhaps Gus looking to shrug off the physical cobwebs from his great summer in Vegas.

The ‘Hansen/Ingram’ prop bet we DO know about is well on its way to hitting the 100k target

… ‘DJ Joey Ingram’ as entranced by Gus’ Great Summer as the rest of us and putting together his own mix centred on the Danish maestro’s poker and party proclivities

Focusing on Hansen’s fighting skills for a moment, those with a long memory will remember his boxing bout with good friend Theo Jorgensen in 2009, the latter walking off with $35,000 after getting the judges nod…

Almost a decade later and perhaps Hansen has decided to get in on the summer of slugfests’ which has seen Doug Polk called out – unsuccessfully - by JNandez, while pro Luke ‘_FullFlush1_ ‘ Schwartz is set to fight Daniel ‘Danmerrrrrrr’ Merrilees

An opponent for Gus? Perhaps Daniel Negreanu, who apparently knows a thing or two about the fight game…



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