durrrr and Phil Ivey regains their earlier losses on FTP

Now when the results have caught up, we can see that Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Phil Ivey is both winners in the last 48 hours. durrrr is up +$155k and Phil Ivey +$44k. Here are some of the biggest pots from the last 48h with these two players:

A good flop for Phil Ivey busted tsarrast´s AAxx, $293k pot
A King on the river makes LarsLuzak's bluff unfortunate against Phil Ivey´s KKxx, $273k pot
A nice river makes durrrr a flush against Gus Hansen´s presumable straight, $201k pot
durrrr flops top set against Gus Hansen´s overpair and FD on turn, $190k pot

Two new players did there entry to the big games yesterday. Gypsie Queen and gipsy1974. Gypsie Queen did not start out well and got stuck around -$200k, gipsy1974 got off better and made a nice +$194k profit

gipsy1974 only played in the HORSE games and made his profit there. It's fun to see that the big limit games has started again. Maybe the pros are practicing for the $50k HORSE WSOP-Event.

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