Niki Jedlicka's Downswing Under Alias 'RealAndyBeal'

Would the Real Andy Beal please stand up? Well, Austrian pro Niki Jedlicka may have been wishing that he did not, the man behind the losing online account boasting a $3million+ profit graph before borrowing the name of the man who faced The Corporation in one of the biggest live games that ever took place…

By: Andrew Burnett

Niki Jedlicka photo:

As ‘KaiBuxxe’ on Full Tilt, Jedlicka went on a $4.5million heater over the course of less than 2 months back in 2007, eventually walking off with $3.19million by the end of the year, never to return to the nosebleed PLO games under his 'Kaibuxxe' moniker…

As remarkable as those numbers may be, Jedlicka’s battles under his own name on Full Tilt are far less impressive – disastrous even – and although this account is now hidden from public view, the HSDB weekly records do show that he lost $549k in just one session to Phil Ivey, contributing to a horrendous $4.4million ‘downswing’ - $1.76milllion coming in just 6 months after he buried his ‘KaiBuxxe’ alias

Getting back to the ‘RealAndyBeal’ account, Jedlicka fared better, but still comes out a big loser – a rollercoaster of a ride, but one which barely saw him come to the surface for air, and at the time of writing some $625k in the hole…

Of course, for those who know the story of the really real Andy Beal, the sums Jedlicka handed over to the likes of Ivey and KagomeKagome ($156k in a single session, for example) are mere pocket change, the banker taking on a team of big-name pros (known collectively as The Corporation) – the Texan all but giving up serious poker when Ivey destroyed him to the tune of $16.5million

Turned into a best-selling book entitled ‘The Professor, The Banker And The Suicide King: Inside the Richest Poker Game of all Time’ – Beal’s story has become a huge part of poker legend, something unlikely to happen to Jedlicka to the same degree of course, despite his massive swings in fortune.

With almost $1million to his name in live tournament earnings, and name changes, hidden/anonymous accounts all playing their part online, it’s hard to know if Jedlicka is a big winner, huge loser or breakeven pro – the truth is, he may well be…all three!


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