Daniel Negreanu talks Charity and the Bahamas

Charity and the upcoming PokerStars Players Championship were to the fore when Daniel Negreanu was quizzed recently by PokerStrategys Barry Carter, the conversation touching on what a poker player can give back to the wider community…

By: Andrew Burnett

The Canadian superstar may have been having a less than stellar summer, but as he tells Carter, "If all you do is poker, you'll feel empty" – the Bahamas extravaganza in January offering him a chance to personalise one of the five charity-themed $30k Platinum Pass Adventure prizes up for grabs in an amazing promotion…

Along with Lex Veldhuis, Maria Konnikova, Jeff Gross and chess/poker maestro Jennifer Shahade – as seen above - the mercurial PokerStars ambassador says of his participation: “I’m a big believer in part of living a happy life is giving. So, this was an opportunity to give something, which the winner can also give as well”.

With the Barcelona EPT out of the way, the January visit to the Bahamas for the PSPC should be a huge date on the calendar of every serious pro, says Negreanu.

“Having a one year lead up with 300+ packages, and you’re not going to just see a bunch of High Roller crushers in this thing…plus it has the $1 million added on top, every grinder in the world who plays poker for a living would be foolish not to play this”.

Daniel’s own guess at the final number playing the PSPC is a massive 1,094, which would make it by far the biggest $25k in the history of poker if it happens, but what he really wants is for it be a great experience for the players: “I want that event to be special and not just a regular tournament”.


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