Ike Haxton Lifts Poker Masters Short Deck Title and $176,000

Isaac Ike Haxton was the star of the show at the Poker Masters yesterday, taking down the newly-introduced $10k Short Deck event to walk off with $176,000 and close in on Brandon Adams at the top of the Purple Jacket leaderboard…

By: Andrew Burnett

Day one had seen the field of 55 entries whittled down to just six, Justin Bonomo and Rainer Kempe among those unable to make it to the final table amid the exciting and swingy action which the short deck game produces, the 2, 3, 4 and 5 cards removed for those who haven’t yet encountered the new and increasingly popular 36-card variant…

Haxton himself was new to the game, telling PokerNews reporters after his victory: "I played my first hand of Short Deck yesterday! As the blinds got higher, I started to learn a little more and I was just all in a lot over the last thirty hands."

Facing Haxton at the final table were an experienced quintet of fellow pros, Macau regular Andrew Robl likely the only one who had much knowledge of the short deck game, while Maurice Hawkins was looking forward to the challenge…

The nature of the beast that is short deck, however, means that chip leads and favourites don’t count for quite so much, overnight leader Dominik Nitsche falling first, followed soon by Cary Katz and Robl. When Ryan Tosoc was finally dominated and ousted by Haxton, it was heads-up for the title between Ike and Maurice.

The ding-dong battle could have gone either way, but eventually Haxton caught motor-mouthed Maurice in a huge pot and that was all he wrote – Ike lifting the first Poker Masters Short Deck title and $176,000.

Final Table Results

1 Isaac Haxton $176,000
2 Maurice Hawkins $115,500
3 Ryan Tosoc $77,000
4 Andrew Robl $55,000
5 Cary Katz $44,000
6 Dominik Nitsche $33,000



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