Run It Once Poker Not Ready For a Summer Launch

It’ll be ready when it’s ready! is what my mum used to say when I moaned about waiting for my dinner, and the same goes for the majority of players desperately looking forward to Phil Galfonds Run It Once online poker site - the summer launch not happening as hoped for, although 1000 lucky souls will have the chance to Beta test Galfonds offering using real money… something Phil does himself in his latest blog update…

By: Andrew Burnett

“A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video must be worth, like, ten thousand pictures?” writes Phil, explaining why he’s taken to video for this update rather than his previous written blog posts. For those desperate to see the gameplay in action, it’s the right choice…

What we see is that the tables have an old-school Full Tilt feel to them in a more modern setting, players able to choose their avatars and a cleverly-designed ‘change the shirt colour’ option to allow you to keep tabs on playing styles. Visually, it’s attractive – not messy, but not too bland either.

Galfond, one of the most-respected and best-liked players in the poker world today, has put heart and soul into the RunItOnce site, his previous blogs outlining what it is he really wants to offer fans of the game – and unwilling to sell players, or his team of 40 helpers – short…

Player input has seen a 6-table cap, 100BB max starting stack, 12 minutes total sit-out time to prevent ‘table-camping’, ‘emotional’ avatar choices and Phil’s own bugbear – insensitive button response, stating in the video: “It makes me feel calm when I know the button is reacting to me”. All these details and much more have been taken care of, or in the process of being tweaked to perfection…

He’s also been listening closely to feedback from his own guys in the 4 months of internal ‘real money’ trials, the faded card pips out and distinct ones in, with Phil hinting at a major new feature to be announced in the near-future.

With September 13th given as the launch date for the 1000-player Beta trials and Galfond stating: “I want perfectionism, and we won’t reach that this year,” it’s going to be a while before most of us will get a chance to make our own ‘RunItOnce’ video – but so far so splendid as far as this writer is concerned.


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