Ali Imsirovic Goes Back-to-Back at Poker Masters with $799,000 Win

Ali Imsirovic barely had time to draw breath after scoring the biggest victory of his short career on Wednesday, before he hit the tables again and… scored the biggest victory of his short career, part 2! – the young Washington state pro destroying the Poker Masters $50k field and adding $799,000 to his $462,000 from the previous day!

By: Andrew Burnett

Not only did Imsirovic march through the 47-entry field with great play and, it has to be be said, good luck, he also took responsibility for knocking all 5 opponents out at the final table – a feat almost unheard of in high-roller circles and perhaps making him wish it was a bounty tournament!

Barely three day’s work, albeit against the biggest and best the poker world has to offer, and young Ali had added $1,261,000 to his career earnings – more than doubling them in two fell swoops.

Coming into day two he had a massive lead over his rivals, and although Justin Bonomo, Sam Soverel, Jake Schindler, Seth Davies and Koray Aldemir can rightly be considered world-class pros in their own right, all would fall on the sword that Imsirovic wielded at the Aria Casino in Vegas.

First to yield was a short-stacked Justin Bonomo – his year-long, $16million heater at an end as Ali found a jack on the turn to send him to the rails.

Next up, Sam Soverel, and this time a race between big slick and Imsirovic’s pocket queens – the board favouring the latter.

Then we saw Jake Schindler take up the mantle, only to find the flop on Ali’s side as he outgunned Schindler’s pocket fours.

That was three down and only two to go, and Seth Davies was next in the firing line, his pocket tens looking handy until all the chips were in and Imsirovic revealed he’d hit two pair on the flop!

It was breathtaking, assassin-like poker, and the youngster wasn’t done yet…

Koray Aldemir, the 28-year old German who would break through the $10million barrier regardless of the heads-up result, seemed to have Imsirovic’s number – calling off the bluffs and taking the lead away in double-quick time, but just when he seemed to have Imsirovic down and out, this happened…

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

Aldemir: A♠ 5♠ 
Imsirovic: J♥ 10♦

…with all the chips in pre-flop after a limp, shove, call – and Imsirovic at risk -  the dealer decided to put this out…

Flop: A♦ K♣ Q♥

…and it was the perfect flop to cap a perfect run for Imsirovic after the

Turn: 9♥
River: 2♦
♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

It turned the match on its head and a short while later Imsirovic would finish off Aldemir to score back-to-back Poker Masters titles, in the process leap-frogging Brandon Adams at the top of the Purple Jacket standings with just the $100k Main Event to go. Can Ali Imsirovic make it three in a row?

Final Table Results

1 Ali Imsirovic $799,000
2 Koray Aldemir $517,000
3 Seth Davies $352,500
4 Jake Schindler $235,000
5 Sam Soverel $188,000
6 Justin Bonomo $141,000



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