SexyFunTimes Worth $236,000 at partypoker POWERFEST

Not a headline you will read too often in poker, but partypokers POWERFEST day 12 was exactly that for the winner of the $1million GTD Championship PKO event, sexyfuntimes taking over $100k for his victory, plus a massive $136k and change in bounties…

By: Andrew Burnett

The site’s own finest Team pros were among 198 battling it out for a share of $1,009,800, with Ludovic ‘Gr4vyBo4t’ Geilich coming in 22nd for $8,787 with Joni ‘JJouhki’ Jouhkimainen taking18th spot for the same payday in the $5200 buy-in tournament.

'SexyFunTimes' had his – or her – eyes on a much bigger prize, however, with the Progressive KO element boosting cashes as the event ran deeper, ever-present ‘POWERFEST specialist’ ‘WWWpartyCOM’ almost matching his 7th spot finish worth $15,345 with another $13,650 in bounties, Sergio ‘nomoneynoglory’ Aido looking at a similar double up for his 6th place.

The excellent partypoker blog reported that despite the massive $27k pay jump between 1st and 2nd, there was no talk of a deal – and when the dust had settled it was ‘SexyFunTimes’ who emerged victorious, ‘barrm111’ settling for a $100k runner-up spot.

Final results

Place Player Prize Bounty payment
1 SexyFunTimes $100,930 $136,418
2 barrm111 $73,260 $34,368
3 dafuqisdis $52,222 $19,662
4 Sheparentao $38,610 $14,300
5 Phil_Zajmo $27,225 $8,125
6 Sergio “nomoneynoglory” Aido $20,790 $18,200
7 WWWpartyCOM $15,345 $13,650
8 fren96 $11,385 $15,925



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