David Peters Takes Down Poker Masters $100k but Imsirovic Wears the Purple Jacket

David Peters took down the final event of the Poker Masters and the biggest payday of the series with a $1,150,000 scoop of the $100k finale, finishing the way he started the high roller series in Vegas, having won the $10k opener last week

By: Andrew Burnett

It was an unexpectedly low turnout for the flagship Poker Masters tournament, a mere 25 entries by day 2 end of registration, but what it lacked in quantity it made up for in quality – Koon, Bonomo, Kempe, Petranagelo and Chidwick among them. All eyes, however, were on Ali Imsirovic

The young Bosnian-turned-US pro had just bagged back-to-back titles and was looking for a remarkable third on the trot…

...as well as being in prime position to take the Purple Jacket for overall winner of the Series. The first of these proved to be beyond him, but the latter made it all worthwhile…

It took 3 days to separate the field, the final of which saw Peters returning as chip leader with the other cashers, Dan Smith, Koray Aldemir and Bryn Kenney to decide the final split of the $2.5million prizepool and the whereabouts of the title, Kenney bowing out first and setting off a marathon 3-handed battle.

Germany’s Koray Aldemir, who had lost out heads-up against Imsirovic in the $50k a couple of days previously, battled gamely for hours but eventually fell to Smith, explaining afterwards: "I have to admit I'm a little bit disappointed. I thought I made a couple of mistakes today. I wasn't super happy with my play."

That left the big showdown between David Peters and Dan Smith, a deal taking place apparently…

..before the former prevailed when he turned a king to ‘undominate’ his king-seven against Smith’s Ace-seven, and that was that – Peters was the Poker Masters 2018 Main Event champion, telling Maria Ho afterwards, "It was definitely a long week. A lot of battles with a lot of great players."

Final results

1 David Peters $1,150,000
2 Dan Smith $700,000
3 Koray Aldemir $400,000
4 Bryn Kenney $250,000



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