The User-Friendly Jivaro HUD For $5 a Month

Most high stakes online poker players are certainly familiar with using a Heads-Up Display (HUD) such as PokerTracker or Holdem Manager that provides an abundance of information designed to make the best decisions on every street of a poker hand.

By: Charles Rettmuller

Those same players are also familiar with paying a somewhat steep price in order to do so.

Players who would prefer a streamlined, less technical, inexpensive, and more user-friendly HUD may want to give the Jivaro HUD a try. At $5 per month, you can't beat the price, nor can you beat the way the relevant and most critical data about your opponents is displayed.

Take a look at the short video below that gives an overview of the Jivaro HUD and its features.

As is demonstrated, the Jivaro HUD merges onto your screen rather seamlessly, providing core information that poker pros deemed to be most necessary. Your opponent's betting tendencies are revealed, with the option to view statistics for each particular street of a poker hand.

Only a few stats are displayed at a time, doing away with clutter and an overload of information that may sometimes hinder your game. The Jivaro HUD is there to assist you in getting a better read on your tablemates without being overwhelmed with statistics and numbers that perhaps require too much thinking to determine what all the numbers mean.

It's extremely beneficial for multi-tabling players who click from one table or tournament to the next and need to gather useful information on their opponents rather quickly. Needless distractions can cause poor decisions to be made and the Jivaro HUD does a good job of removing distractions.

Of course, some players may prefer the extra information that a Hold'em Manager or PokerTracker HUD provides, and that's all good and fine. Use whatever works to make your poker sessions more profitable.

But if you want the most basic and useful information at your fingertips - without the need for any troublesome configurations - then the Jivaro HUD may be the HUD for you. Also, for five bucks a month the price is certainly right for any budget.


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