Wann2play wins the WCOOP MainEvent for $1,352,96

The mysterious pro by the name of Wann2play took down the WCOOP Main Event on PokerStars this morning, walking off with the princely sum of $1,352,967.97 after defeating Ezequiel Ez88888 Waigel heads-up, following a deal that almost went sour - Waigel asking for extra money to pay tips!

By: Andrew Burnett

The finale to the WCOOP series had seen 3 days of intense action, 17 players returning for a shot at glory, culminating in a star-studded final six, Noah 'Exclusive' Boeken and Michael 'mczhang' Zhang among those gunning for what can be regarded as the ultimate title on PokerStars…

Boeken was first to fall as he walked his rivered two pair into the straight of eventual victor Wann2play, followed to the exit by Zhang – again at the hands of the anonymous pro playing out of the Netherlands. When Robert 'PlayaPlz' Lipkin had to settle for 4th, the big question was whether Linus 'LlinusLLove' Loeliger could make a comeback and scoop yet another massive title…

Despite a great effort, Loeliger had to settle for 3rd spot and $764,501 – and then we were straight to deal time…Argentinian Waigel rather cheekily asking for $18k more than the chip-chop numbers provided, and then when they agreed on $10k, he decided he wanted even more – to pay the tips!

When Waigel finally acquiesced, it left $200k to play for…

… and the match-up was befitting of any Main Event final table – the lead changing hands several times and both all-in and at risk along the way.

When the end came, several hours in, it was an increasingly frustrated Waigel who lost out – but he’ll certainly have enough to pay his own tips with the $1,257,203.66 payday! Wann2play deservedly took the lion’s share of the prizepool and the coveted Platinum Pass.

Final results

1 Wann2play $1,352,967
2 Ezequiel Ez88888 Waigel $1,257,203
3 Linus LlinusLLove Loeliger $764,501
4 Robert PlayaPlz Lipkin $540,584
5 Michael mczhang Zhang $382,252
6 Noah Exclusive Boeken $270,293



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