The Player Who Lost $Millions Online Then QUIT!

Finnish players have a reputation as being fearless online beasts, Patrik Antonius, Jens Jeans89 Kylonnen and Ilari ziigmund Sahamies among the most successful and scary players to have graced the game, but compatriot Jani KObyTAPOUT/kiiski Vilmunens nosebleed adventures ended with him losing $2.3million, before finally tapping out

By: Andrew Burnett

Piecing together a poker pro’s online and live history often gives us some interesting information to go on, and Vilmunen’s comparison throws up one very specific date – but that’s for later! First off, a recap of the Finn’s career as we know it…

In 2007, the Full Tilt nosebleed tables were in full flow, $milllions being passed around between the biggest and best-known players in the world, and Vilmunen was only one of many Finns spending long winters looking for their share of the booty – and initially with success!

The following year, however, was a nasty one for Jani, despite landing this massive multi-way $300k+ PLO pot

…but overall showing a $750k downswing

…and even worse was to follow in Porvoo man Vilmunen’s quest for nosebleed glory…

In the meantime, live poker was just starting to be kind to the Finn, taking down his national championship for $53k, adding another $23k in Ireland and then, in September 2009, a $336k score in London, winning the $5k PLO title at the WSOP Europe…

Almost $1.6million down on his ‘KObyTAPOUT’ account, Jani did what most clever players would do… he took the live victory money and ran. Errr, no! Of course, he simply changed to a new account on Full Tilt under his own name and started all over again…

Once again, as the graph shows quite clearly, an excellent start at the biggest games was followed by some stuttering, then a steep drop – ending his online career as far as we know, at some $200k down on his eponymous Full Tilt account.

Of course, there could be other names, other sites and other games funding or balancing all of Jani’s attempts to crush the nosebleeds, and we know at least one of them…

…and it doesn’t help his cause at all. Tapout may have ‘tapped out’, but Jani was still in there, the grip of the online game refusing to let him go, and investing another $½million over 6 years to the bank balances of his peers at PLO.

Sporadic successes in the live sphere may have brought in a respectable $780k, but the best part of $2.5million was lost online, making Jani ‘KObyTAPOUT’ one of the biggest overall losers the high stakes ($25/50 and higher) database has seen.


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