Interview with Sam Trickett: Ban Kassouf and his One Drop Regret!

At the top of Englands all time money list is Sam Trickett with $20,840,004 in tournament cashes.

The 32-year-old from Nottingham turned to poker after an injury ended his days as a footballer. Poker fans can rest assured that Tricketts days as a poker player will not come to an end as he still loves the game and expects to continue playing.

There are a number of changes Sam would like to see in poker, however, such as banning players who have been caught stealing. That would include Will Kassouf, not only for stealing chips, but for his annoying antics at the poker table.

HighStakesDB had an opportunity to ask Trickett a few questions. The partypoker ambassador was kind enough to give some honest answers about his biggest wins and losses, players that he hates, and his runner-up finish for $10 million in the 2012 Big One For One Drop.

Q: When will the next online Trickett’s game be and which players should we expect to see?

We have been playing a lot recently, we played 4 times already this week. We have had some great games, it’s by far the most action game on the Internet.

Q: Lots of young players are retiring from poker... with you moving to Ibiza, are you next?

No, no, I love poker and probably always will. I plan to have a long term relationship with partypoker and continue to play their live events.

Q: What is the biggest live cash game pot you have ever won?

£2.1 million.

Q: What’s the biggest you have lost?

£2.8 million.

Q: Most fun person to play PLO against?

Leon Tsoukernik, he creates such good action and makes the whole table loosen up.

Q: Who is the player you HATE to see at your table?

Ben Tollerene online and Timofey Kuznetsov live.

Q: Three things you wish could be banned from poker?

1) Stalling around the bubble. 2) People who have been caught stealing I think should be blacklisted. 3) Will Kassouf because he annoys everyone to gain advantage and I think it’s disrespectful and shouldn’t be encouraged.

Q: Do you think you will reach $50 million in live tournament earnings in your career?

No, probably not as I don’t really play the high rollers as much as I used to which makes it more difficult.

Q: What’s the dumbest thing you have done with your earnings?

Nothing too stupid but I probably over spent in the nightclubs in Vegas.

Q: What annoys you the most when playing live poker?

How much it’s changed, the new generation don’t like to give anything away at the table so they often tank every hand and give nothing away and it can make playing really antagonizing as they won’t even talk sometimes.

Q: Do tournament titles mean much to you now?

Yes, I still would like to snag a bracelet or a Millions event but it’s hard as I don’t play as often.

Q: Is there a hand that still bothers you from years ago? If so, what happened and why?

Yes, my final hand in the One Drop, I took a high variance line in a spot that I shouldn’t have. I jammed Q-6 diamonds on J-5-5 flop.

Q: There are 6 seats at a poker table, 1 is reserved for you. Who fills the other 5 seats and why?

Micky Flanagan, Robert de Niro, Jimmy Carr, Eric Cantona, Zlatan Ibrahmovic - just because there would be no shortage of laughs. Cantona is a legend and Zlatan just because.

Q: Which partypoker LIVE event are you most looking forward to?

DTD Millions UK – Dusk Till Dawn is my home when it comes to poker and I absolutely love playing there and seeing so many old friends.

The partypoker LIVE MILLIONS UK at the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club kicked off on Sept. 29 and will run through Oct. 7. Five events guarantee a combined £8,500,000 in prize money, with the MILLIONS Main Event making up £5,000,000 of that total.

Day 1s for the Main Event run through Oct. 3. There's also a High Roller, Super High Roller, and a Finale. You can bet Sam will be there.


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