Phil Ivey vs Brian Townsend, $300/600

When players like Phil Ivey and Brian Townsend are sitting on a HU table it's almost garanteed that we will get some real action and today was a good example of this.

They were playing for two hours and Phil Ivey doubled up quite early and contiune to hit alot of big hands and Sbrugby had a hard time to get back in this HU.

Phil Ivey flops the flush and Sbrugby the open straight flush draw, $122k pot
A very good flop for both players, $119k pot

Sbruby finally managed to double up his stack and had a pretty good chance to win everything back until Phil Ivey hit a monster pot with JJ

Sbrugby finally doubled up with a pair of deuces, $101k pot
And he was close to double up again but Phil hits a nice river, $264k pot

Phil Ivey won $426k in this HU, but i'm sure Sbrugby soon will get a rematch! ;)



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