Sick Fold with Full House by Manig Loeser at partypoker LIVE Big Game

His tablemates were incredulous that Manig Loeser folded a boat at the partypoker LIVE Big Game at Dusk Till Dawn, but it turned out to be the correct play and saved the German about £41,000.

By: Charles Rettmuller

Recreating the scene we find Paul Newey, Michael Zhang, Sam Trickett, Dan Shak, Paul Byrne and Richard Berridge among the combatants playing for high stakes in a Trickett's Invitational cash game at the Nottingham poker room during the MILLIONS UK.

In the featured hand, three players were each staring down at mid-level pocket pairs in the hole, 6-6, 7-7, and 8-8. A flop of 6-7-K gave sets to two of the players, Shak holding the 7's and Loeser with the 6's.

What ensued was perhaps the fold of the year. Watch the action in the video below: that begins at about 14:37.

"That's just ridiculous," said Shak after the hand played out, realizing that he would eventually be leaving the table with £41,000 less in his pockets due to Loeser's good read. "How do you fold 6's there?"

Loeser, a 29-year-old poker pro originally from Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, did it. Good job, Manig.


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