Tom Dwan Gets Stacked Again in Triton High Roller Cash Game

Regular readers of HighStakesDB will recall that it was only about a week ago that we published an article and accompanying video detailing how Tom Dwan lost a $2,353,500 pot to Paul Phua at the Triton Poker Super High Roller cash game in Jeju.

By: Charles Rettmuller

Dwan was on the losing end of yet another huge cash game pot at the same venue, this time while playing the 36-card Short Deck Poker. The pot was not nearly as big at a mere $537,300, but it did cause "durrrr" to bust and forced him to rebuy.

Readers with good memories will remember that Tom lost that $2.3 million pot to Phua while holding A-Q against the Malaysian's pocket aces. In a rather twisted bit of irony, Dwan got stacked this time while his opponent, Elton Tsang, held A-Q.

In addition to Dwan, Tsang, and Phua, the high rollers at the table included Jason Koon, Qiang Wang and Andrew Robl. Watch below as Dwan gets dealt pocket kings, but an ace on the flop gives Tsang the winning hand and a half-million dollar pot.


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