Tom Dwan Makes Worst Play in Short Deck History ($1M Pot)

Everybodys favourite degen Tom Dwan has once again been making the headlines for losing another seven-figure pot only a fortnight after we reported on the last instance. Dwan was playing the new high-stakes arena favourite - Short Deck Holdem - where deuces through fives are pulled out of the deck.

By: Mark Patrickson

The action was once again at the Triton Poker Super High Roller cash game in Jeju many well-known faces at the table, including another former internet star Andrew Robl.

Dwan flopped trips in a five-way pot but Robl turned a flush were it was almost certain he had the best hand. An all-in move Robl saw Dwan hit the tank for what seemed like ages before making what many thought was a bad call.

The pair decided to run it twice and the second run saw Dwan improve to a full house, but sadly in Short Deck rules a flush beats a full house!

You can watch the hand in full below and see just how pained Dwan was after making the call.


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