Triton High Roller Cash Game: Players Profit/Loss Revealed

Watching dozens of hours of the Triton high-stakes cash games isn’t the worst job in the world, but playing in it is a different matter –  for Tom Dwan at least, the legend losing massively, with Jason Koon also struggling – and part-timer Paul Phua walking off with over $1.3million!

By: Andrew Burnett

  Season 1 Season 2 Total
Tom Dwan -$937,000  -$868,000  -$1,805,000
Jason Koon -$1,107,000 +$770,500  -$336,500
Paul Phua +$2,044,000 -$660,000 +$1,384,000

For Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan it was a brutal affair, ‘bad luck’ followed by horrendous tilt – the nosebleed full-deck NLHE going ok until he ran into Paul Phua’s pocket rockets in this massive pot, $1,294,000 swapping hands…

The Short Deck of series two didn’t go any better, this $400k+ pot against Andrew Robl perhaps the lowlight of his Jeju visit…

…with this 3-way all-in rubbing salt into the wound to the tune of $240k

Jason Koon showed that perseverance pays off, recovering in the 36-card version to limit his overall losses, aided by this gigantic pot…

Multi-billionaire and triton co-founder Paul Phua doesn’t really count money the same way mere mortals do, which firstly let him comfortably pick off Elton Tsang’s river bluff here for $894,000

…and laugh off the $300k loss in this exciting 4-way all-in…

It has to be said that we have only tracked televised hands, so there is no knowing how much these guys have won or lost when the cameras are off.

We will be watching future episodes and adding to this data each season, but in the meantime enjoy how the Asian high-stakes crew enjoy $1million pots!


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