The Ultimate Cold Deck Poker Hand

The latest episode of the Triton Short Deck cash game produced one of the most remarkable hands you are ever likely to see, not least because the stakes were so huge - $1,248,300 in the pot once the players were done betting – but also because aces vs kings vs queens will only appear about once every 25,000 hands!

By: Andrew Burnett

As ever with the Triton Short deck games, the action is fast and furious – the 36-card version of poker usually meaning everyone gets a pretty decent starting hand – but the smaller deck also ‘confuses’ the %’s of hand matchups – and in this amazing hand in particular there was something only Jason Koon knew

With Koon’s fold meaning that Macau poker supremo Paul Phua and Qiang ‘Shanghai Wong’ Wang were both drawing to one outers, Rui Cao was quite right to enjoy his glass of wine, before raking in the massive pot.

And if anyone wants to work out the odds of the AA v KK v QQ appearing in Short Deck, feel free – but be warned, the maths is not for the faint-hearted either!


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