Outrageous Four-Way All-In at Triton Cash Game Jeju

The Triton $300,000 buy-in Short Deck cash game in Jeju has once again lived up to its reputation as the most exciting table to watch. Top line pros such as Jason Koon must feel they are in poker heaven to be able to join in with such action with a whole host of Asian millionaires prepared to gamble it up.

By: Mark Patrickson

The hand in question started off normally enough with “Shanghai” Wang open raising AJo, followed by a couple of sensible calls with speculative hands. Elton Tsang then jams JTs leaving the audience expecting to see everybody fold and we move on to the next hand. But no! Wang ponders for a short while before making the seemingly loose call - but in the spirit of the game - and then incredibly the two cold callers shrug and decide to come along for the ride too.

The pot was a juicy $864,000, which while bigger than most we see on our screens in a year, is still smaller than the biggest we’ve witnessed in Jeju thus far. This cash game in Korea has turned into the best TV poker we’ve seen in a long time. The Asian players play with fearless spirit and inject so much fun into the game that is just not replicated anywhere else in the world.

Watch the video below to see how this hand panned out. Street by street everything changes until the winner is finally revealed.


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