Gus Hansen Heading To Vegas For a Great Fall

Gus Hansen is back in town – or soon will be – the Great Dane making the 15 hour trip back to Vegas and wondering if it will be a great Fall or the start of a long Winter in Bobbys Room…

By: Andrew Burnett


What is it gonna be?

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Hansen’s ‘great summer’ turned out to be 70 days long, featuring 650 hours of poker, with hedonistic highlights to make your granny blush, his exploits on and off the table providing regular headlines as he enjoyed Vegas to the maximum…

The life of a global poker legend does have its drawbacks, of course, Hansen ‘signing away his first-born’ to get this stack of Hong Kong dollars in – or out – of the country. Each 1000 note in the photo is equivalent to about US$127 at the going rate, so you try to do the maths on this one yourself!

Sports, politics and glamorous nights out have all been featured on Gus’ Instagram page recently…


Monaco - saturday nite - Travolta style!

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…but quite what his ‘Fall focus’ in Vegas will be is anyone’s guess – all we know is that it’s sure to be entertaining!


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