Phil Ivey Assets Total $100M and Borgata Aims to Collect $10M in NV

Many players can attest that prying money from Phil Ivey at a poker table has never been easy, and the Borgata Casino is finding out that it's just as difficult trying to extract cash from the poker superstar even with a court order.

By: Charles Rettmuller

The edge sorting case against the Poker Hall of Famer meandered in a new direction recently with the Atlantic City casino claiming that Ivey emptied out his New Jersey bank account, halting the Borgata in its efforts to collect on a $10 million judgment. So the casino has asked the court to allow the judgment to be registered in Nevada in order to go after Ivey's holdings in the Slver State.

Those holdings are in the ballpark of $100 million, claims Borgata, and include a Clark County condo, a home in Mexico, and a number of business ventures headed by Phil Ivey Enterprises.

10-Time WSOP Champ

Ivey has cashed for more than $26 million in his illustrious poker career, currently good for 7th place on the all time money list. Toss in another $19 million won online during Full Tilt Poker's glory days and that's almost half of the $100 million in assets that Borgata claims that Phil has.

Borgata's latest court filing stated that the casino has been unsuccessful in collecting on the $10 million judgment. A judge ruled previously that the Atlantic City casino can execute the judgment while various appeals by both parties play out.


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