The $3Million Downswing That Ended KagomeKagome’s Career

So, a highstakes player who topped out at a $1.7million profit and then pretty much stopped playing - it should not be too difficult to work out who that is, right? Thats right, it is the one and only... Kagome Kagome!

By: Andrew Burnett

Who he? I hear you ask, and it’s a good question – with a face and a voice but no name to put to it for a long time, at least publicly – but before we get to the real identity let’s take a look at how he managed to battle the likes of Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey, Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom and Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov and still emerge way ahead…

Of course, starting at the beginning as we should, the pre-Black Friday days saw ‘Kagome Kagome’ playing under another alias, ‘IHateJuice’ – a well-documented Full Tilt decision to make him change that name leading to his Japanese-based moniker, but not before he’d quickly made a different kind of name for himself…

Our hero gave some great insights into his approach to the game in a series of interviews back in 2011 with, and money was discussed, naturally.

“If you only think about the money, you won't improve. I still pretty much look at poker as a computer game – I sit in front of the PC and hit certain buttons. If money meant anything to me, I would have to throw myself off balcony every time I lose $200,000”.

So, who is the mysterious Japanofile who crushed the Fixed Limit Hold’em and Draw games? Well, just months before his Full Tilt persona disappeared without a trace from the online nosebleeds, a certain Julius ‘Kagome Kagome’ Fleischer appeared on the list of top 5 losers in 2014 on Italian poker site AssoPoker

…and the massive $2.8million downturn appeared to have ended Fleischer’s poker dreams for good, although he had what could have been another ace up his sleeve – the ‘JesusLebtNOT’ account on PokerStars – which seemed to be heading in the right direction early in 2015, but it wasn’t to be…

Add all those nosebleed accounts together and Fleischer comes out $1.7million to the good - and at the highest stakes in online poker that’s a pretty good claim to fame!


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