Abe Mosseri Is The Online Beast You Don't Know About!

He is a well-known name both on and off the table in poker, but perhaps not so well-known is Abe EazyPeazy Mosseris incredible online crushing in the pre-Black Friday era – a $4million+ upward curve for the ages…

By: Andrew Burnett

The Brooklyn-born pro has also amassed over $2.2million in live tournaments, including two WSOP bracelets almost a decade apart, but he is better-known as a high-stakes cash game specialist, appearing on shows such as the Big Game alongside legends of the game including Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu and David Williams.

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Mosseri was one of those caught up in the infamous ‘Molly Bloom case’ – subject of last year’s blockbuster Hollywood movie Molly’s Game about the high-stakes poker hostess whose world came crashing down around her, famous movie stars, Wall Street moneymen and Russian mafia involved – Mosseri and other poker pros implicated as well.

A $100million sportsbetting ‘racket’ saw Justin ‘BoostedJ’ Smith and former WPT champ Vadim Trincher also caught in the FBI net, the latter receiving a 5-year jail sentence for his major role.

Mosseri pled guilty to relatively minor offences - making a fraudulent tax statement, failing to file a tax return, and causing a financial institution to participate in a lottery related matter – the entire list of those indicted still available on the FBI website.

In typical ‘don’t understand a highstakes poker pros life’ fashion, the authorities’ discovery of $215,000 in chips and $30,000 in cash in Mosseri’s Bellagio safe-box led them to the conclusion that it "suggests money laundering to us."

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This somewhat scary topic aside, back at the Full Tilt tables a few years prior it was a crushing 'EazyPeazy' Mosseri who took some of the best in the game for $millions at his favourite Mixed games, the following $150,000 PLO hand featuring the likes of Brian ‘sbrugby’ Townsend and Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies.

It took Mosseri less than three years of a pretty much unbroken string of winning months to top out at $4,160,304 profit, a $31.30 per hand run that has to be one of the highest the game has ever seen among serious players.
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Although his online poker days are over – as far as we know! – Mosseri has continued to play his trade, defeating Daniel Negreanu heads-up last year to snag his second WSOP bracelet in Vegas, the $10k Omaha 8-or-better title and $388,795 one of the biggest wins of his career.

“There was a lot more back and forth stuff going on yesterday” said Mosseri afterwards, “but today I just pounded him,” denying Negreanu his 7th bracelet in the process and receiving praise from the legendary Doyle Brunson as well…

Dodging bullets, baby, may well be a phrase attributed to another of poker’s greats, but it could apply just as easily to Abe Mosseri!


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