Leon's Private Kings Casino Game Had Rumored €20K/€40k Blinds

Highstakes cash games on these pages usually revolve around Bobbys Room and the online nosebleeds, but this week at Kings Casino in Rozvadov the stakes were reputed to be a staggering €20k/€40k, as Leon Loose Leon Tsoukernik invited some very wealthy players indeed to his home game.

By: Andrew Burnett

Aussie cryptocurrency millionaire Matt Kirk, loud and proud pro turned politician Tony G, Dusk Till Dawn boss Rob Yong, this year’s WSOP Main Event champ John Cynn, MGM and Aria guru Bobby Baldwin, ‘Loose’ Leon Tsoukernik himself and Ben Lamb are the mega-wealthy magnificent 7 in the pic – and it was quite a game by all accounts.

Although the highstakes home game wasn’t part of the excellent WSOP Europe live coverage, some details have sneaked out, the 2+2 forumites divulging little gems such as Tony G apparently winning ‘a $2million pot vs Leon’, while Matt Kirk made a big score and ‘took it all to a craps table’.

Another poster, Comanche, wrote: ‘Was there for a couple days. Tony G won a 3 way all in pot for around 3M total. The day after, Bobby Baldwin came next to me talking with Tony G. Tony asked him how he was doing at the table: "losing 800k but I'm ok" with a smile’.

Of course the big question being asked was why Leon had both Matt Kirk and Bobby Baldwin at his table, given the fighting and lawsuits that their previous encounters produced in Las Vegas, but pockets deep enough to play Leon’s big game aren’t found just anywhere!

Did the game reach as high as 20k/40k? Given the rumours going around it may well have done – huge stakes and massive straddles hardly unknown in Leon’s games – but whoever walked away with the $millions is keeping it quiet…or are they?


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