Chinese Poker App Shut Down After Taking $7.2M In Bets Per Day!

$7million+ per day. That is how much Poker King were reported to have been taking in bets before they were unceremoniously shut down this week by the Chinese government – part of a clampdown designed to rid the nation of all online gambling.

By: Andrew Burnett

The brand was felled when partner Tencent had to fold their offering, the WPT have had similar problems with their expansion plans into the country –and this week Poker King and Poker Tribe were among a new wave of sites to be hit.

Sites such as have reported that behind some of the supposedly ‘play money’ apps available in China, $millions were actually being wagered on social media apps such as WeChat and QQ – ‘with the most significant sum wagered around 60 million Yuan ($8.6m)’ – and dozens of arrests have resulted from gambling over the past couple of years…

As part of a much wider crackdown on what the Chinese authorities see as “inappropriate online content”, gambling sites and apps have been hit hard by Beijing’s authoritarian rule under President Xi Jinping, this April seeing new laws put in place targeting social real-money poker games and betting apps.

With online poker being lumped in with gambling in general, as well as other activities such as online pornography on Jinping’s conservative government agenda, the catch-all crackdown is cementing the nation’s top spot as least open for internet access.

Google, Apple and many more of the world’s leading companies have had to comply with severely restrictive regulations – the general population suffering, with online poker players now firmly added to that list.


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